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DvO Engineering is an ambitious company that specializes in development of customer specific machines for nurseries, orchards, agriculture, transport and industry. Due to years of hands-on experience DvO has developed, together with it’s costumers, equipment and machinery for tree nurseries. DvO engineering is innovative and creative in developing cost-saving solutions for your machinery needs. With a listening ear and practical view we come up with the best solutions.

Specialist in Mechanical weed control between plants: DvO Engineering is specialising itself, together with it’s partner Belhomme sarl, in mechanical weed control in-between plants. Together we developed a broad assortment of products for mechanical weeding in tree nurseries, orchards and vineyards. We build rigid, specialized machines which weed at high speeds in-between plants and trees, without damaging them. We also develop and produce custom designed weeding machines adapted to your soil, crop and other needs.


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Mechanical engineering: From concept to turn-key installation, we provide in your mechanization needs. Because we loot further than the initial question we guarantee a high-quality solution that suits you. Have a look at our unique development process at Engineering: from idea to solution. If you would like to make use of certain facets of the trajectory, for example you need help in concept development, engineering or the construction and building of machines, this is possible as well.

Do you want to know, what we can do for you? Get in touch, and we will be eager to discuss the possibilities.