Counterbalancing Arm

Making welding on large constructions and pieces more efficient, ergonomic and a safer work environment. With the counterbalancing arm developed by DvO Engineering the welding gun will come from above at your working area in the most ideal curve. In this way you have to carry less weight while handling the welding gun. So you have more freedom to move so better and faster welding. You have less wire issue’s because the wire is going easier through the liner. Because the hose and gun are not lying on the floor any more there is less chance of damaging them while handling large pieces or assemblies near your welder.


  • Rigid and durable construction.
  • Handy gun holder.
  • Less change of damaging your gun or gun hose.
  • Maintenance free solution.
  • Adjustable pivot brake.
  • Arm length can be easily adjusted.

Interested? More information or a quotation:

The arm is suited for EWM welders, other types and brands upon request.