DvO Engineering: From idea to solution

Engineering for every industry. Would it not been great if a machine could do this job for me… Or maybe the job could be done faster, more consistent and efficient by a machine? DvO Engineering is the right partner to solve these questions together with you.  With a listening ear and practical view we look further than the initial question. By using the development trajectory below we will come up with the best solutions.

If you would like to make use of certain facets of the trajectory, for example you need help in concept development, engineering or the construction of machine, this is possible as well.

  • Question

We will get in touch with you to inform ourselves about your wishes and requirements. We offer a listening ear, and discus the case. Because we look further than the initial question, we ensure a solution that connects with all your needs.

  • Solution

We investigate and search for the best solution that matches with your wishes and needs. Hereby we combine proved technologies and new developments which results in innovative solutions.

  • Feedback

We give you full insight in all facets of the concept. And invite you to be critical. This makes us more alert and motivates us to optimize the idea. This way, we come to the best solution together.

  • Quote

Are you satisfied with the proposal? We will create a quote in which we describe the techniques and all agreements. In other words: What do you get and what will it cost.

  • Agreement

When we have come to a consensus, we will formally establish the agreement. We see this agreement as our change to prove that we can comply with your expectation. In this way, we create a foundation for a long-term relation.

  • Design

The design will be worked out into detailed models and drawings. After, we prepare everything for a fast and efficient construction and assembly.

  • Realisation

Together with our suppliers we translate the design into an ingenious machine. Meanwhile, we will keep you up-to-date on the process.

  • Installation & commissioning

If desired we install the machine turn-key at your site. Thereby, we take care of the training of your employees and deliver you detailed documentation.

  • Satisfaction

We are only happy when you are satisfied! We offer you support at a distance or on-site.


Curious how we can help you? Get in touch and we will be happy to discuss the opportunities.