Mechanical Weed Control in Tree Nurseries

Mechanical Weed Control in Tree Nursery

The Belhomme inter row weeder is a good solution for mechanical weed control in tree nursery’s. The inter row weeder weeds in-between your trees and shrubs, in the row and in-between the rows. Download the brochure: here.

Durable weed control

Government agencies and consumers demand more and more that farmers and growers to grow their crop durable and sustainable. Besides that, there a many more reasons to keep your fields clean from weeds in a mechanical way. With a inter row weeder this can be done in a reliable way in the most varied ground conditions.

Sensitive and light sensor

Because growers are doing their best all year round to grow the best quality crop possible, damaging the stem is not allowed. The inter row weeders from Belhomme have an electro-hydraulic system. Because of this the sensor can be adjusted and setup very sensitive and light.


To get maximum return out of your machine, reliability is a must. Belhomme has developed their machines, for decades in the French vinery’s, into a reliable and durable weeding machine you can count on. 


The Belhomme weeding machines are simple, robust and build modular. Because of this the machines can be setup and put together suited specifically for your crop, field setup and soil conditions.


  • Steel wheels with wear resistant steel cutting edges and a Coulter disk to cut branches and cuttings. This reduces the risk the machine will catch them and plug the machine.
  • Several attachments can be mounted on the reflex element. This makes it possible to build up a hill next to your crop row or equalize it. Milling or mowing in between your crop is also a possibility.
  • Electric controls in the cabin.
  • Dept can be easily adjusted by a spindle.
  • Adjustable width
  • Adjustable pressure and flow.


  • Tactelec seedling sensors: Extra sensitive sensors to detect young plants and seedlings.
  • Extra steel wheels to create a bigger load capacity on loose soil.
  • Hydraulic width adjustment.
  • Tractor independent hydraulic system.

For more information or a quote do not hesitate to get in touch and keep your tree nursery clean from weeds in durable en green way.

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