Mechanical weed control tree nursery

Mechanical weed control in tree nurseries

Mechanical weed control is the oldest form of weed control but has been displaced over the years by chemical weed control. Because of the disadvantages of chemical weed control, improved old mechanical techniques combined with new developments, mechanical weed control is now the future again.

Sustainable weed control

Government institutions and consumers increasingly require growers to grow in a more sustainable and more environmentally friendly way. But there are countless other reasons to choose for mechanical weed control:

  • It breaks the capillarity of the top layer, therefore inhibits dehydration of the underlying soil,and so saving on water consumption.
  • No spraying damage to the lower branches because the spray boom is hanging too high.
  • Weeds cannot become resistant to mechanical control.
  • No growth deceleration of the crop due to herbicides.
  • it aerates the ground.
  • No contamination of chemicals to surface and groundwater.

There are also some disadvantages to mechanical weed control aswell. Small weeds are a lot easier to kill than large weeds. The effectiveness of the processes depends on the soil moisture and the weather conditions. Good planning is therefore very important.

Good effectiveness of your weed control starts with good preparations. It important that the row width is constant and that the ground is clean of rocks, branches and other obstacles. Because we do not live in a perfect world and this ideal picture cannot always be realized, we try to adapt our machines as best most as possible to these circumstances. DvO Engineering offers various solutions:

Belhomme inter row weeder

The Belhomme interrow weeder is a good solution for mechanical weed control in the tree nursery. This machine cultivates the soil in between the rows as well as in the row between the plants. Trees and plants are detected with the light and sensitive probe. The strong hydraulic arm response to this by turning a side for each single tree.

The machine can also be used to control large weeds, break hard soil ridge between the plants, build up soil in between the plants or take it away.

DvO weeding machines

With the DvO weeding machines it is possible to remove the weeds in the rows and between the plants at a very high speed.

The machines have a large capacity and travel speeds of up to 7 km/h are possible. We custom build the weeding machines. This allows us to take into account all your wishes and requirements. In this way we offer you the best solution suitable for your cultivation, crop and soil type.

Torsion weeders are also available in a mounting kit you can fit on most cultivators.

For more information or a quote, feel free to contact us.

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