Potting machines for hedges and large container sizes

DvO Potting machine:
For hedge elements and large size containers

The potting machines from DvO Engineering are suitable for potting hedge elements and large size containers. The machine makes sure there is allways potting soil within reach at the working area’s. The rest is done by hand. Because of this the operator does not experence any pressure and stress of a continues running machine. Esspecially big plants are all a little different demanding more or less time to process. With this concept operators are never waiting for one another.

Optionally the machine can be equiped with a vibrating system. Vibrating the pot it will condence the potting soil and plant and so saving on labour. The machines are costum made and are available in two different versions.

Round containers

Changing containers sizes is extremely quick and easy. Inserts are replaced to fit the right pot size. The table which supports the bottom of the pot can be adjusted with a spindle. This makes you extremely versatile in which pot size is being used.

Hedge elements

A roller table is supporting the hedge elements across the whole widt of the machine. Because the bag is enclosed on front and back it stays in shape while being filled. By pressing with the upper leg against a bar the middle section of the roller table is caused to vibrate. This condences the potting soil and thus saving on labour. The machine can easily be adapted to round pots by mounting an extension to the front. 

Other wishes and demands are allways possible and can be discussed.

Potmachine haagelementen

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