Tree nursery transport solutions

Tree nursery transport solutions

Efficient transport on your nursery starts with the right equipment. From tree transport wagons, tree skids, and golf car trailers we provide different solutions:

Narrow tree transport trailers

With it’s low loading area in the middle this wagon is ideal to load rootballs in the field. At the yard these trailers can be picked up with a forklift to efficiently load the rootballs onto a truck trailer. Several wagons can be connected together. They are robustly build and durable.

Tree transport skids

We provide different solutions for internal transport movements. Ask for the possibilities we would like to think along with you.

Rubber push board for forklift or loader

Ideal to quickly clean your loading area or yard. Durably build, and quicly detachable. Steal parts are galvanized. does not damage the floor.


Golfcar CC-wagon trailer

Especially designed to transport two cc-wagons side to side. By closing the ramp on the back, the CC-wagon is securely fixed. Ideal for quick order picking on you container area.

Tipping bucket for stakes

Tipping bucket to collect stakes. When the bucket is full it can be picked up by a forklift and the load can be tipped elsewhere. No hydraulics involved.


We also offer tailor-made solutions a like to think along to look for a solution that fits you.


For more information or pricing do not hesitate to contact us.

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