DvO weeding machines for tree nurseries

DvO tree nursery weeding machines

With the DvO weeding machines it is possible to remove the weeds in the rows and between the plants at a very high speed. The soil in between the rows can be cultivated with different systems, depending on your soil and other circumstances such as rocks, cut of branches etc. The soil in between the plants is cultivated with torsion weeders. The torsion weeders travel through the ground, because of their shape and the resistance in the soil they bend away for each plant, cultivating the soil and killing the weeds in between the plants.

The machines have a large capacity and travel speeds of up to 8 km/h are possible. We costum build the weeding machines. This allows us to take into account all your wishes and requirements. In this way we offer you the best solution suitable for your cultivation, crop and soil type.

Also weed control among the plants in a row.

The torsion weeders on both sides of the machine can be adjusted easily and quickly for the best results. The flexible, wear-resistant teeth are set wider than the row width. Due to the resistance in the soil and the driving speed, the weeder turns aside for the plant and quickly jumps back when the plant passed. Because of this vibrating effect, it breaks and cuts the soil, uprooting the weeds.

Easy adjustments.

For a good effectiveness it is important to setup the machine right. Depending on the weeds and soil you want to cultivate as shallow as possible. The top layer is drying quicker and so killing the weeds quicker. Making you less dependable on the weather.

Setting up the machine to narrow will leave strips untouched, to wide could cause the machine to damage the plants. Simple and quick adjustments are therefore very important. Width and depth adjustments can be done hydraulic aswell.

Pruning waste in the rows

A tree nursery crop without pruning waste in the row hardly ever occurs in the summer. That is why it is important that your weeding machine can handle this as well. Coulter discs can be added to the machines to cut the branches. To reduce the risk of branches getting catched in the machine, extra large hoeing blades can be mounted. If necessary the machine can be fitted with hydraulic cylinders lifting it up almost vertically into the air so that the pruning waste can fall out.

Custom build

We custom build our weeding machines. This allows us to take into account all your wishes and requirements. In this way we offer the most suitable solution, suitable for your soil, cultivation and crop. Among other we offer the following options.


  • Crumbling roll or weed harrow
  • (Hydraulic) width adjustment
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Vertical lift
  • Vibrating spring tine with hoe blades
  • V-hoe blades with parallelogram
  • Branch Cutting disks

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